Rush's Little Belles

Dead In The Water, Chapter 4/?


The quiet whoosh of the door sounded behind him and he stilled, more than ready to give Greer a piece of his mind.

come back down

Rush was slow to wake, the familiar feel of fingers brushing against the back of his scalp was calming as they ran through his hair. He kept his eyes closed as he made a quiet sound of pleasure, something low that escaped from the back of his throat as the fingers curled at the base of his skull before starting all over again. The soft chuckle, so warm and familiar reached his ears, wrapping around his heart and he smiled against the sheets.

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My current Rushbelle project that is somewhat fast and slow moving at the same time.

Moments of a life shared between one hellbent man and the woman he finds while living on Destiny. 

Mountain & The Sea - WonderTwinC

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